Trade Strategies Builder
Automate your trading signals


Designer of trade strategies

Our app aims to give users a convenient and fully functional interface to create, validate and launch automated trading systems or trading advisers in stock and cryptocurrency markets in the form of a SaaS online app.

More than 160 technical indicators

You can use more than 160 technical indicators to create your own trading strategy and the new indicators are regularly updated.

If you have not found the technical indicator you need, please contact us by emailinfo@stocks-bot.com

26 cryptocurrency exchanges

At the moment, more than 25 crypto-currency exchanges are connected to the service and this list is constantly expanding.

If you have not found the exchange you need - contact us by emailinfo@stocks-bot.com

Using Candle Trade Patterns

You 've seen various figures of technical analysis that traders draw in the process of their trade. We automated the search and use of these pork patterns.

Mining of trade patterns

You do not need to look through the figures of technical analysis with your eyes anymore. It is enough simply to run the algorithm of finding patterns and figures and the system itself will find the most successful strategies. All you have to do is keep the most attractive ones and use them in your trade.

Automatically optimize trading strategies

The system will automatically optimize the trading strategy you created and provide the best options. You will be able to save them and use them later in your trade.

Flexible setup of trade conditions

Our app allows you to set almost any conditions for buying and selling without using a mouse. In your arsenal: groups of conditions that should be fulfilled simultaneously, one of the conditions, should have been in the past some number of conditions back or vice versa - should not have been.

Backtests of unlimited depth

You have the opportunity to test your strategy on any period that is available on the stock exchange.


Designing of arbitration systems and index strategies

You can trade on one exchange based on data from another exchange, even without having an active account on the second exchange. For example, trade on bitfinex based on the growth and fall of the currency on binance.

Email or tg integration for trading signals

You don 't have to trade right away. You can use the trading strategy as an automatic sales advisor by receiving recommendations from the system in a telegram account or by email.

Built-in stoploss and takeprofit orders

The system has built-in stoploss and takeprofit orders. The system will automatically close the transaction open to it, even if the stock exchange does not have this type of order.

Automatic trade

You can include a trading strategy for automatic trading of your assets by allocating it a certain amount of assets in your portfolio. The system itself will open deals and close them when the moment comes.

Forward-test based on built-in demo exchange

Unlike all known backtests, forward-test allows you to test a strategy on real data without risking your own means, using the application 's built-in paper-trading engine and a demo exchange that uses real data from real exchanges.

Leasing out your trading strategies

You can give access to your strategies to other users for a fee from the user 's income, for a fixed fee, or simply on a free basis. So you will be able to increase your income, get additional trade statistics or just make the world of traders a little better.

Rent and copy trading strategies

It 's no trouble if you don 't know how to create your successful trading strategy. You can rent someone else 's trading strategy or copy it to yourself and change it to your needs.

Protected data and trade settings

When you are able to rent your strategy, you can turn off the opportunity to view the terms of trade. And all data of accesses to exchanges are reliably encrypted.

Join Beta Program

If you want to access new features that are in the testing phase? Contact us by mailinfo@stocks-bot.com- tell us a little about yourself and we will give you access to new features.

Support the project or ask a question

Contact us via email or telegram: @stocks-bot.com if you would like to support the project or have a questions. We will be grateful for any help.